Union Profile

The Tumkur Milk Union registered as "Tumkur Co-operative Milk Producers Societies Union Limited" under registrar of Co-operative societies act on 30th March 1977. The dairy co-operatives were established under the ANAND pattern in a three tier system. Formation of Village Level Dairy Co-operatives societies at village level, Milk Unions at District Level to take care of the procurement, processing and marketing of milk and Federation at state level to co-ordinate milk movement and marketing at the State level.  

Area of operation

The area of operation is entire Tumkur district having of 10 taluks (Tumkur, Gubbi, C.N.Halli, Tiptur, Turuvekere, Kunigal, Koratagere, Sira, Madhugiri, Pavagada)  comprising of 2574 revenue villages.


As on Apr-2017, the total Members enrolled was 266454. Out of which 108422 are Small farmers,  67879 are Marginal farmers, 39290 are Landless labour and others 50863. Out of Total Membership 78646 are women members, 26297 Schedule caste and 21219 are the Scheduled Tribe members.

Organisation of Dairy Co-operative Societies (DCS)

At present 1139 MPCS are functional. New societies will be organized in the uncovered areas based on milk potentiality, surplus and taking the cost of milk transportation. There are about 117 milk collections centers are working in the milk shed. These collection centers will be converted into societies. As at the end of  Apr-2017, the Union has 1215  registered DCS and 1189 commissioned DCS. Out of which, 1139 are functional. 271 exclusive women DCS are functioning.

Milk Procurement

During 1975-76, the average milk procurement was 1035 kgs per day. At the time of registration of the Union, the milk procurement rose to 9486 kgs per day. From then onwards, the milk procurement increased by many folds due to effective implementation of various input activities. The present milk procurement is 6.30 lakh kgs per day. On 18th of June 2015, the Union procured 7,02,611 kgs and it is recorded as highest milk procurement since inception.

At present, the Union procures 6.30 lakh kgs of milk daily from 1139 DCS comprises of 2.66 lakh members. The Union had registered a growth to the tune of 12.0 % for the last 5 years.

Marketing Activities

The marketing area includes entire Tumkur district and a small part of Bangalore urban and rural districts. The Union sells varieties of milks i.e. Toned Milk, Homogenized Toned milk, Homogenized Cow Milk , Special Milk and Shubam Milk. The other range of the products being manufactured and marketed includes Curd,UHT-FP Milk, Ghee , Butter Milk, Mysore Pak, Cashew burfi, Mango lassi and Peda. Besides this, the Union sells all the products produced by Nandini Milk products, a unit of K.M.F. The Union is increasing its market share steadily. The present aggregate growth rate works out to be around 7 % for the past 5 years. At present, we are marketing 2.30 lakh litres per day.On 27th of Aug-15, the Union sales 2,51,963 liters of milk & on  14th of April-16 the Union sales  94,156 kgs of curds and it is recorded as highest milk sales  and curd sales since inception. From Oct-16 union is selling milk and curds in small part of Navi Mumbai, at present we are marketing 1.00 lakh litres per day.