During 2008-09, to encourage rural farmers to take up dairying, Karnataka Govt. announced incentive scheme of Rs. 2/- per litre of milk supplied to KMF. Subsequently, with effect from 14-5-2013, the Govt enhanced the incentive to Rs.4/- per litre of milk.with effect from Dec 2016, the Govt enhanced the incentive to Rs 5/- per litre of milk.

    The Milk Union implemented this scheme and 68000 milk producers are benefitted by this scheme in the district. In this programme,During the year 2015-16 upto Aug- 2016 Rs. 216.80 crores of incentive amount has been paid to its member producers.

  • STEP

STEP is designed by KMF through Govt funds provides Golden opportunity to village women, implemented by Tumkur Milk Union.

The Programme of STEP aims

· To organize exclusive Women Dairy Cooperatives and to take up employment cum income generation activities.

· To provide need based and extensive training for skill upgradation.

· Mobilizing women in formation of Self Help Groups as a tool for income generating activity and for easy access to credit.


    Amrutha Yojane was implemented in the Milk Union during the year 2007-08 for socio-economic upliftment of devdasis, widows and SC and ST women by giving one milch animal to the beneficiary. The cost for one animal was Rs.20,000/- during 2007-08 to 2009-10 and subsequently the unit cost was increased to Rs.35,000/-. For widows and devdasis the subsidy is 50%, for SC - 60% and ST - 75%.


    In this programme, the members of MPCS & their dependents will be enrolled and provide facilities for operations in major hospitals at subsidies rate. Member of cooperative society and their dependents should pay registration fee of Rs 150/- each to avail this facility. This scheme is effectively implemented through Tumkur Milk Union to milk producer’s cooperative societies. During year 2015-16 till March-16, 1.01 lakh milk producers were enrolled under this scheme.


    Social security scheme of janashree bima yojana (Govt of India sponsored scheme) combined with Group Insurance scheme so that enhanced insurance coverage to the member's family in the event of unfortunate death of the members is passed on.

    Natural Death of the Member: Rs 30000/- Death by Accident : Rs 75000/- Permanent Disability due to Accident : Rs 75000/- Partial Disability due to Accident : Rs 37500/- A scholarship of Rs 1200/- per yearly will be paid to students studying in 9 th to 12 th standard (including ITI courses). The benefit restricted to two children of a family. The number of scholarships to the children of members of the group is restricted to 15% of the total number of members and will be given to poorest of the poor.

  • CMP

    Hygiene takes front seat in dairy industry. Union place it in high priority by assisting the procured milk with lesser bacterial load by providing bulk milk coolers wherever necessary, chilling milk at the DCS level instantly to 4 deg centigrade. The bulk chilled milk would be transported to the main dairy once in 24 hours.

    Presently 78 BMC’s are in operation & 17 BMC’s are scheduled in this year.

    For transparent weighing practices, 550 DCS are provided with Electronic weighing scales with Rs. 5000/- subsidy for each unit. Computer assisted , Electronic weighing scale & Milk testing Machine provided, Automatic milk collection units are distributed to the selected DCS with more than 500 litres milk procurement per day to ensure quick, prompt, record generating automated procuring units.


    Ksheera Bhagya programme is a prestigious programme of Karnataka Government. In this programme, 3 days in week, 150 ml of milk will be distributed all school and Anganavadi children through Milk Union in the form of milk powder at free of cost. In order to distribute milk to children, all the milk Union will distribute skim milk powder to Anaganavadi and whole milk powder to schools.

    In Tumkur district, 280820 school children and 162502 Anganavadi children are being covered. So far 9,38,271 kgs of Skim milk powder and 16,66,086 kgs of whole milk powder have been distributed.

  • NDP

The objectives of the NDP I :

(i) Increase the productivity of milch animals and thereby increase milk production to meet the rapidly growing demand for milk; and

(ii) To help provide rural milk producers with greater access to the organized milk processing sector.