Production and Processing

Quality Control Activities

Tumkur milk union assures supply of pure and fresh milk to customers. This is achieved by having stringent Quality Control mechanism in place.

Quality control activities are structured as below:


Milk quality testing received from co-operative societies

  1. Observation for presence of any extraneous matter, off flavour in every can milk.
  2. In case of sour smell a sample of milk from can is drawn for testing sourage of milk. If found clotting on boiling (COB), the milk of such can will be rejected.
  3. Thus only fresh quality pooled milk will go for weighment and individual society sample is drawn for testing quality of milk.
  4. Every sample is assessed by seeing CLR(corrected lactometer reading) at 27c using ISI lactometer. The fat is estimated using Electronic milk-o- tester. Both the results will be considered for estimating SNF by using the formula SNF=CLR+FAT/4+0.35 or CLR/4+0.25*FAT+0.35  
  5. Route wise truck sheet will be generated and handed over to the respective Lorries.
  6. The society samples will be preserved under refrigerated temperatures for one day, to enable retest if any.


  1. The milk thus received is chilled /pasteurized and stores in silo /tanks.
  2. The milk will be Standardized to arrive at desired fat &SNF levels to fulfill the parameters as per Prevention of Food Adulteration Act,1954 under which the supplies are governed by law.
  3. The standardization process is assessed on the stipulated parameters.
  4. Draw samples of sachets to ensure compliance to standards during packing.and distribution at scheduled frequencies.

Tumkur Milk Union is authorized to grade the ghee manufactured by it for AGMARK grading and the laboratory is approved by AGMARK authority under GOI rules.

Processing activity

Tumkur dairy was established during 1981 with a processing capacity of 60,000 litres of milk. Subsequently, during 2005, under Perspective plan the capacity has been increased to 1 lakh litres per day. At present, the dairy is processing , packing and selling about 2.30 lakh litres of milk. Apart from this, the dairy is producing Curds,Masala butter milk, Peda, Mysore pak and Ghee. In its fold, there are four chilling centres located in Yediyur (60TLPD capacity), Sira (20TLPD), K.B. Cross (60TLPD) and Madhugiri (60TLPD). For the past few years, the milk procurement and sales increased beyond our expectation.The average milk procurement by the end of 2017-18 would be 6.20 Lakh kgs per day and liquid milk sales is projected to 2.50 LLPD. Based on this estimation, National Dairy Development Board has taken up the expansion work for enhancing the Dairy processing capacity to 3.25 LLPD on turnkey project and completed by September 2013 @ Rs. 19.50 crores.